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10 Best Apple Watch Apps for Health and Productivity in 2024

The Apple Watch has become essential in our lives, helping us track fitness and monitor health effortlessly. It keeps a close eye on our daily activity, workouts, and calories burned, inspiring us to stay active. While the built-in apps offer these features, additional apps can provide detailed health analysis, keep us motivated to exercise, and even offer meditation sessions for mental well-being. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the Best Apple Watch Apps for Health across various categories, helping you make the most of your wearable companion.

Best Apple Watch Apps for Health and Fitness Tracking


Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Strava

Strava offers a fantastic feature for tracking and analyzing your workouts. If you’re serious about fitness and enjoy the social side of exercise, Strava is perfect for you. You can connect with friends, view their activities, and give them ‘kudos’ (likes) for their workouts, adding motivation and fun to your own fitness journey. The social aspect is a big motivator here. It’s one of the best Apple Watch apps for fitness tracking, taking your workouts to the next level.

Download: Strava

Nike Run Club

Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Nike Run Club

The Nike Run Club app is a must-have for runners. It offers a range of features designed to enhance your running experience. With the Nike Run Club (NRC) app on your Apple Watch, you can easily track your runs, monitor your progress, and boost your performance.

Using the Apple Watch’s built-in GPS, NRC accurately records your distance, pace, time, calories burned, heart rate, and cadence. But it’s not just about tracking data; NRC goes beyond by offering guided runs with coaching tips and motivational messages.

One of the standout features of NRC is the ability to create and share challenges with friends or join challenges within the NRC community. This adds an element of fun and motivation to your runs, helping you stay committed to your fitness goals.

For those who struggle with motivation, NRC provides the perfect solution. By setting targets and tracking your progress, you’ll stay motivated and inspired to keep pushing yourself. With NRC, you have all the features you need to monitor your improvements and celebrate your successes along the way.

Download: Nike Run Club

Water Reminder

Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Water Reminder

Water Reminder makes staying hydrated easy. It calculates your body’s water needs, tracks your hydration levels, and gently reminds you to drink enough water each day. Water Reminder is one of the best Apple Watch apps for health, keeping you hydrated and on top of your water intake.

Simply log the amount of water you drink, choosing from pre-set serving sizes or creating custom entries.

Receive alerts on your Apple Watch reminding you to drink water at regular intervals or based on your progress toward your hydration goal. Plus, it can even assist with weight loss goals. Stay refreshed and on track with Water Reminder.

Download: Water Reminder

Best Apple Watch Apps for Health and Mental Wellness


Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Calm

Calm is a meditation app that delivers mindfulness exercises right to your wrist. Sessions range from 3 to 25 minutes, fitting into any schedule. It helps calm anxiety, improve focus, and promote better sleep. The premium version offers extras like Daily Calm meditations, sleep aids, and masterclasses.

Download: Calm


Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Headspace

Headspace offers both an iPhone and Apple Watch app. With the Apple Watch app, you can quickly access short guided breathing exercises right on your wrist, perfect for moments when you need instant stress relief. It comes in both free and paid versions, with the paid version unlocking extra features like hundreds of sessions and SOS meditation sessions.

Download: Headspace

Best Apple Watch Apps for Health and Sleep Tracking


Best Apple Watch Apps for health: AutoSleep

AutoSleep is a sleep-tracking app for Apple Watch that ensures you get quality rest without any manual effort. Just wear your watch to bed, and AutoSleep will analyze your sleep stages, heart rate, and more, giving you a detailed report. Unlike the built-in sleep tracker, AutoSleep provides detailed data like sleep duration, deep sleep, REM sleep, and wakefulness. It’s a one-time purchase for $5.99 with no hidden fees or subscriptions.

Download: AutoSleep


Best Apple Watch Apps for health: SleepWatch

Like AutoSleep, SleepWatch uses your Apple Watch’s sensors to track your sleep stages (deep, light, REM), duration, and disruptions automatically, with no setup required. But SleepWatch offers personalized coaching and insights, analyzing your data to suggest ways to improve sleep quality. Another cool feature: it records and analyzes your sleep sounds, helping identify snoring patterns. But sadly this feature is premium, available for a one-time purchase of $7.99, with no hidden charges or subscriptions.

Download: SleepWatch

Best Apple Watch Apps for Productivity


Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Todoist

Todoist is a fantastic app for managing your to-do list right from your wrist. You can easily see your tasks and tick them off without pulling out your phone. Plus, you can add new tasks using your voice or the built-in keyboard, perfect for capturing ideas on the move. I often jot down ideas by opening a task. And the best part? You can view your upcoming tasks directly on your watch face, keeping your priorities front and center to help you stay focused.

Download: Todoist

Things 3

Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Things 3

Things 3 tops the charts as a task management app. It’s super simple and user-friendly, but for Apple Watch it’s all about your to-do list. Very similar to Todoist, you can see your tasks just by raising your wrist. As you tackle tasks, you can mark them off right from your watch, syncing instantly with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac or your Apple ecosystem. If you’re already a Things 3 user, you’ll love its streamlined Todo list version on the Apple Watch.

Download: Things 3

Fantastical Calendar

Best Apple Watch Apps for health: Fantastical Calendar

Fantastical is an amazing calendar and task management app. You can easily create events and tasks using natural language, even on your watch. Just type or speak what you need to add, like ‘Prepare presentation for tomorrow’s meeting,’ and Fantastical will understand it instantly. It offers three main views to see your tasks, even on small screens. While you can use Apple’s built-in calendar app, Fantastical’s Natural Language Input is simply fantastic. Plus, you can check the weather alongside your schedule for better planning.

Download: Fantastical

Here’s our handpicked selection of the best Apple Watch apps for health and productivity. Which ones caught your eye the most, and are there any you’re already using? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem or use products like iPad, this blog is worth checking out too!


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