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5 Simple Web Development Side Hustles for 2024

If you are a student or working a full-time job and looking to earn some extra cash, or if you’re a newbie in the web development sector, you can still earn with your acquired skills. Learning web development takes time, divided into two parts: Front end and Backend. To master both, you’d typically need at least a year of dedicated learning to become a full stack developer. However, during this learning period, you can still earn money by applying what you’re learning. Whether it’s offering your services or selling assets online, there are opportunities to start making income. In this guide, we’ll explore some profitable avenues to supplement your learning journey while boosting your income. Let’s get started!


Freelancing is a top choice for side hustles. It offers flexibility and lets you provide services based on what you’ve learned. For instance, as a frontend developer, you can create a gig on platforms like Fiverr, offer your service. You can also bid for jobs on Upwork that match your expertise.

Freelancing not only helps you earn money but also enhances your skills as a developer. You’ll learn communication, understanding project requirements, and challenge yourself to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Many web developers start freelancing as a side hustle but end up making it their full-time job. Freelancing offers flexibility and often higher earning potential compared to traditional company roles.

Create Websites for Small Businesses

Small businesses often lack the resources to hire a full-time developer to build a website. Instead, they opt for hiring a contract developer who can fulfill their requirements at a lower cost. This offers a chance for you to tap into the market. By showcasing your skills through platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Dribbble, and Behance, you can attract clients and build your online presence. Although it may take longer to secure clients compared to freelancing websites, this approach allows you to establish your personal brand and potentially attract more clients in the long run.

One downside of relying solely on freelancing platforms like Fiverr is the risk of account suspension without warning, which can significantly impact a freelancer’s livelihood. On the other hand, acquiring clients through social media reduces this risk and provides a more stable source of work.

Become an Instructor

If you have knowledge to share, becoming an online instructor and creating tutorials or courses to sell on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare can be a lucrative side hustle. Udemy, with its large student base, offers great visibility for your course, making it ideal for reaching a wide audience, especially aspiring web developers. You also have the freedom to set your own price on Udemy, although they take a share of the revenue.

Skillshare is another popular platform where learners flock to gain new skills. It operates on a subscription model, providing instructors with a steady stream of income. Additionally, platforms like Coursera and Udacity are excellent options for hosting your courses.

Content Creator

Taking Content creator as a side hustle is another great way to earn money. You can create tutorials, explain complex coding concepts, or delve into new technologies – all in a way that’s engaging for viewers. You can experiment with different formats to find what suits you best. This could be written blog posts, informative videos, or even live streams where you code along and answer questions.

For example you can earn money by creating content on Youtube many ways other than monitization. This help you to build a stablish online presence and face value which also another advantage. Additionally, writing blogs on platforms like Medium, Vocal Media, Newsbreak, and HubPages can also generate income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a major player in the world of side hustles, and it’s widely used. You can engage in affiliate marketing through three main channels: blogging, YouTube, and social media. We recommend trying all three and focusing on creating highly engaging content that genuinely benefits the customer.

Start by targeting affiliate programs that align with your skills and interests, such as web hosting, development tools, or project management software related to web development. Then, you can write blogs or create videos on these topics and include affiliate links. Each time a customer buys the product using your referral link, you receive a commission.. While it may take some time to earn your first paycheck in affiliate marketing, many marketers eventually earn six figures annually, making it a lucrative venture.

Creating and Selling Digital Products

You can leverage your skills to create various web applications such as appointment booking systems, inventory management tools, delivery management solutions, to-do lists, quiz apps, resume or PDF makers, and sell them on platforms like CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, TemplateMonster, Creative Market, and many more. If you’re a WordPress developer, you can easily sell themes, plugins, and templates on platforms like CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, TemplateMonster, Creative Market, and others.

Another effective strategy used by many web developers is to release a basic version of their applications as open-source software. This allows businesses to use and customize the code for free. However, you can offer premium features or customization services for a fee. Not everyone has the technical expertise to modify the code, so they may opt for the basic version initially and then upgrade to the premium version as they need more features.

FAQ of Web Development Side Hustles

Can frontend developers turn their skills into a side hustle?

Yes, frontend developers can turn their skills into a side hustle. Even beginners who aren’t proficient in JavaScript can make money by using HTML and CSS. They can design websites with these languages and sell templates on platforms like Themeforest or TemplateMonster. Alternatively, they can offer their services on freelancing sites like Fiverr by creating a GIG. Many freelancers excel in providing HTML and CSS services on Fiverr, reaching level 2 or even becoming top-rated sellers.

In conclusion, these five simple web development side hustles for 2024 offer lucrative opportunities for individuals looking to expand their skill set and boost their income, whether you’re a student or currently employed. If you found this blog helpful, be sure to check out our other articles for more tips, tricks, and insights into the world of web development. Happy hustling!

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